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Why Bestbuy?

Jim SmoliakJim SmoliakTriple J Distributors Ltd.
I like the independence as a Bestbuy shareholder. Everyone gets along and I enjoy the comradery. We get to make our own decisions!
I joined Bestbuy because I like the discounts and rebates. The thing I like most about being a member shareholder is the friendly service and family atmosphere.
Robert TherrienRobert TherrienTemlac Ltée
We wanted to find a group that could give us the possibility to buy at the best price and keep control of our buisness. Bestbuy surpasses our views by giving us multiple advantages and services at a very low price. Temlac is well positioned in the market because we can offer our customers very good prices and outstanding service with top quality products. Bestbuy contributes largely to our profitability.
What we like most about Bestbuy is that you are not only part of one of the best automotive parts groups in Canada, but you also have the collective experience of your “family” from coast to coast to assist you in every aspect of your business. It’s the best decision we have made in 35+ years of business!
In 2003 we made a decision to change from a franchise to Bestbuy Distributors. We were uncertain how much this would benefit us as a company in a rural community, but it was the best move we ever made and we are happy to be truly independent owners of our business. Bestbuy provides us with the standard of excellence in products and service without the inflated costs and headaches of a franchise.
Gary ThibaultGary ThibaultThe Partsman Inc.
We joined due to the bottom line Bestbuy provided for The Partsman Inc. We stay in the group for the same reason. To quote Kevin O'Leary, it’s all about the money!
We joined Bestbuy because it allows us to get our supplies at a fair price; it gives us a chance to compete against large groups. We like the group for the nice visibility it gives us and also because they let us run our business as we wish. 
In my opinion what sets Bestbuy apart from the other groups out there is the ideology.  [They] are focused on growing our business for the shareholders...Very careful consideration is taken so that every decision made be in the best interests of all shareholders and by default all Customers...It is very much like a family and everyone has a voice in our family.
Lisa BaileyLisa BaileyAuto Magic
We have been with Bestbuy since 1996.The biggest benefit is they have taken away the need to pursue suppliers on our own for pricing and new sku’s, which allows us to spend more time in our business doing what we do best: selling! The worry is gone when you join a buying group like Bestbuy!! Another benefit would definitely be the central billing and having one purchase order.
Being only 1 store we couldn't get any good discounts/pricing. We heard of Bestbuy and after talking to several people, decided that this looked like a good fit for us. We were welcomed into the membership. We like to make our own decisions and not be dictated to. And having the rebates come directly to us is very enlightening.