Bestbuy Distributors Limited represents 150 plus independent parts stores (jobbers) in the Canadian automotive aftermarket industry. From its founding in 1955, Bestbuy has focused and prospered on the principle of “purchasing power” for its shareholders. Bestbuy is designed to give its shareholders the power to compete more profitably in the industry by offering them a wide range of products from national brands to multiple private labels, through worldwide product sourcing, at very competitive prices. Because Bestbuy is a full service warehouse, it can offer its shareholders the choice of products through either two large distribution centres or Direct/Drop ship programs. In addition, Bestbuy supports its product offerings with customized marketing initiatives.

Become a Supplier

As a Canadian or international supplier, are you interested in joining one of the biggest and most reputable distributor networks in Canada? If you want to consider a business partnership with Bestbuy Distributors Limited to distribute your products throughout Canada, we welcome your proposal, and we will respectfully consider your submission. That’s how we do business.

Send us a catalogue and price list with a full description of your product line(s) and its benefits by mail to:

Bestbuy Distributors Limited
c/o Vice President, Purchasing & Inventory
3355 American Drive
Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1Y7

Bestbuy Celebrates Vendor Awards

We express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to our winning vendors for 2022. Dorman Products received the prestigious Horace J. Pratt 2022 Vendor of the Year award to recognize their excellence in service, sales performance, and support.

Other paramount vendor award categories presented: BBB Industries is the Marketing Partner Award recipient. Mevotech and ProMax jointly received the Bestbuy Partner Award, and the Cornerstone Award went to Bosch Canada. Liqui Moly received the Rising Star Award.

Some of Bestbuy’s Dedicated Suppliers

Bestbuy maintains business partnerships with over 300 suppliers, manufacturers and sales agencies for a wide range of automotive, heavy duty and body shop products. The following brands share the vision of Bestbuy, and understand that our success is based on meeting the needs of shareholders and offering them a high level of value added services.