Your Car, Your Data, Your Choice

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Cars today gather enormous amounts of data about the vehicle and its driver, including important maintenance and repair information. This valuable data helps drivers make smarter decisions about how to repair and maintain their cars. Most new cars are equipped with systems that wirelessly transmit this data.

So who has access to the data your car collects? Not you.

Sign our petition to demand that the federal government* give vehicle owners access to and control of the data generated from their own vehicle.

By 2022, approximately 70% – 95% of new cars in Canada will be equipped with wireless technology that transmits vehicle data in real time, according to Deloitte. Currently, data transmitted wirelessly goes only to the automakers, giving them full control over how it is used and who to share it with. Without direct access to and control of this data, vehicle owners may face higher costs and have fewer options when it comes to who maintains and repairs their vehicles, restricting their ability to choose more affordable repair options.

Join the movement. Demand access to and control of your vehicle data.

To learn more about your car and your data, visit the AIA Canada website here.