Bestbuy Distributors Announces New President

Oct 2, 2023 – Chairman of Bestbuy Distributors Ltd., Doug Wilson, announces the appointment of Nick Brunet to the position of President and COO. Nick Brunet will assume his new role effective Oct 2 at Bestbuy’s head office at 3355 American Drive in Mississauga, Ontario. Reporting directly to the Board, Brunet will have overall responsibility for Bestbuy’s operations and will be the primary contact between the Board and Bestbuy’s management team.

Nick Brunet, President and COO of Bestbuy Distributors Ltd.

“Nick’s strong leadership skills and record of accomplishments in managing great companies like 3M and Hilti will be an asset to the Bestbuy management team,” states Chairman Doug Wilson.

Brunet will work closely with the Board Chairman, Vice Chairman, and recent Interim President, Gary Thibault, to ensure a smooth transition in his assumption of the leadership of Bestbuy’s senior management team. Brunet will play an instrumental role in helping to establish and lead Bestbuy’s future direction. Bestbuy’s organization and reporting structure will remain the same with this new appointment.

Brunet joins Bestbuy, having spent time in the automotive aftermarket business through significant stints at 3M in Canada and across the Middle East and Africa. Managing companies in those vast regions has imparted Brunet with a unique blend of experiences, global perspectives, and a deep appreciation for the industry.

“I am deeply honoured to be joining a company with such a rich legacy and tradition of excellence. Bestbuy Distributors has not only withstood the test of time but has thrived for seven decades. I look forward to leading Bestbuy into a new era of innovation and continued success,” states Nick Brunet.